Learnplistic Tutors specialize in helping under - performing students in K -6th grade to be successful in Reading, Math, and Writing!

  • Are you frustrated looking for a tutor?
  • Are you uncertain if your child has the Reading and Math skills to be successful?
  • Are you overwhelmed because it takes a long time for your child to do their homework?
  • Do you wish you could receive more assistance in helping your child to be successful in Reading, Math and Writing?
  •  Could you get excited about working with a company who specializes in helping kids who are not performing at their best?
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Diagnostic Assessments

Assessments to determine the areas of need

1 to 1 tutor

1 -1 Tutoring

Tutoring by trained professionals

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Supplemental Curriculum

Resources and curriculum to enrich tutoring sessions and between tutoring sessions.

What Our Clients say...

I would recommend Ms. Robinson tutoring services because my sons classwork began to improve after a couple of sessions. She presented a well developed, comprehensive lesson plan and offers creative suggestions to build Joel's enthusiasm for reading.

Kim and Mike Thompson

I am so glad I had my son take the diagnostic assessments given by Ms. Robinson. The results contain so much information beyond the academics. I now know how to help him academically and I also have more tools to help him with his mindset towards school.

Erika Sanchez

We Tutor,
You Excel

Academic Solutions
For Busy Parents

We specialize in helping parents find a quality tutor who have a child in K -6th grade who is performing at or below grade level in Reading, Math, or Writing increase their child’s Reading skills and improve their Math ability in 9 – 12 months so that parents are less stressed and their child has an improved attitude towards school

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