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Are you uncertain if your child has the skills to be successful in Reading, Writing, and Math? Do you feel your child is behind in school? Are you frustrated looking for a tutor? Could you get excited about working with a company that specializes in helping kids who are experiencing difficulties in school?

We specialize in helping busy Executives and Professionals that have an K - 6th grade kid who is under - performing to be successful in Reading, Math, and Writing so your child has solid, foundational skills for school and life.

We help busy Executives find an Academic Coach for their child!

  • Are you a busy professional who works long hours, has a demanding job, and travels a lot?  
  • Do you have a child who you feel is falling behind in school? 
  •  Does the family Nanny not provide enough academic support during after school hours? 
  • Are you looking for a robust curriculum to support your child 7 days a week?  
  • Are you preparing your child to get into a certain private school?  
  •  Are you looking for a Academic Coach that has the flexibility to meet in person and online to accommodate your families busy travel schedule? 
  •  If you answered yes to any of the above questions; please give us a call to schedule a Discovery Session!

We know you are a busy Executive!  So we meet you at your home (or public library) for your convenience!

The time is now to prepare your child for college and career! A problem ignored only becomes bigger!

We specialize in taking kids who are not making the mark to the the next level!

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academic evaluation

We here at Learnplistic Tutors not only evaluate your child's Reading and Math strengths and weakness; we also assess their learning personality. We use a proprietary blend of assessments to ascertain your child's preferred style for learning and mindset for school. We use this information to develop a comprehensive learning plan that aids your child during tutoring and also to aid in developing an optimal learning environment at home! Many parents have been pleased with the accuracy of the reports and useful tips for home the report provides.

1 to 1 tutor


Your life is busy so we come to you! Private in - home tutoring or at the local library!     
Private tutors in Elementary Reading, Elementary Math, and Elementary Writing

Flexible Schedule

Outstanding Experience

Customized learning plans

Bring confidence to your child's life.

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We provide the resources and workbooks!

Do you hate it when companies nickel and dime you with separate fees for academic evaluations, then for the workbooks for your child, and then the resources for tutoring. Are you frustrated with tutors who come to your home without the workbooks, pencils, and textbooks to help your child? We here at Learnplistic Tutors have covered all the bases; therefore you pay one flat investment! We take care of everything! Bring your child to tutoring and we will take care of the rest!

What Our Clients say...

I would recommend Ms. Robinson tutoring services because my sons classwork began to improve after a couple of sessions. She presented a well developed, comprehensive lesson plan and offers creative suggestions to build Joel's enthusiasm for reading.

Kim and Mike Thompson

I am so glad I had my son take the diagnostic assessments given by Ms. Robinson. The results contain so much information beyond the academics. I now know how to help him academically and I also have more tools to help him with his mindset towards school.

Erika Sanchez

We Tutor,
You Excel

Academic Solutions
For Busy Parents

We specialize in helping your child in K – 6th grade who you feel is behind in school.  Our proprietary learning system increases your child’s Reading and Math skills in 9 – 12 months so that your child is more successful in school, perseveres in challenging assignments, and so that as a parent you are less stressed.

Serving Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia

Evaluate, Engage, Educate

One to One tutoring

One to One tutoring offers your child personalized learning in a one to one setting to help find and eliminate learning gaps and boost your child’s attitude towards school.  One to One tutoring is in the comfort of your home or at the public library for your convenience.  

Small group enrichment

Small Group Enrichment offers your child an opportunity to build on communication skills while building academic achievement in group led by a Master’s level teacher.  Small Group Enrichment is at the local public library.

Digital Home Study

Learnplistic digital home study package offers your child self – paced learning, on your schedule that focuses on building your child’s weakness through practice.  

Do you live outside of the DMV area? Please give us a call! Our online tutoring may be an option!

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We specialize in helping busy Executives and Professionals by providing 'at home' tutoring for their child that they feel is behind in school!

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