About Me

Aquilah Robinson



As a Doctor’s daughter and former Special Education student who was held back in the second grade, I struggled throughout my school years with not understanding what was taught. 

As a daughter of a well – known Doctor in the town, I struggled with feelings of inadequacies because day after day, year after year in school I did not grasp the concepts in school. Not understanding the concepts in school was compounded by the fact that my father was a prominent physician in the town who I demeaned very smart and that I could not live up to those high standards.   I struggled with feelings of inadequacy for many years even into my adulthood and it took many years to go back to school to get my Masters because school was never a fun or easy effort for me.   

Now as a teacher I form a very special bond with my students because I instinctively understand the struggles of learning in a school system (that goes at the speed of lighting). I understand the struggles of my students who are in the 5th grade but do not have the basics down pact ( ABC’s, phonics, greater than, less than, etc.). As a student who struggled with feeling less than because I didn’t have the skills to compete with the gifted students, the confidence to compete in S.T.E.M. programs, or even the desire to participate in the rigorous academic programs my parents wanted me to sign up for because of my lack of self – confidence because of my countless failures in school I especially understand the internal struggles of many struggling students.

 I created Learnplistic Tutors for all the students who were held back in a grade; who struggle with self – confidence because the school doesn’t come easily to them; and often wonder how they will live up to parents who are so prominent and established but they as a student can’t even get the basics!