Aquilah Robinson, M.Ed

Learnplistic, LLC is owned by a Masters level educator with experience in the classroom, administering assessments,  and increasing students knowledge!  She received her Bachelors from University of West Georgia in Sociology and Psychology.  Utilizing a Masters of Education in she  implement strategies for all students to help them learn.  She received her Masters of Education from Georgia State University!

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where do the tutoring sessions take place?

Tutoring takes place face to face with a highly qualified tutor in the students home, local public library, coffee shop — wherever is most convenient for the parent.

How are tutors screened?

Tutors complete a through screening process before their first tutoring session.  Learnplistic screening and qualification process includes criminal background check , educational attainment verification, and  reference check.

Does Learnplistic tutors assist with students with IEP (individual education plan)?

Learnplistic prides itself in that it specializes in assisting students who are performing below grade level.  Please give us a call!  We would love to assist!

Will I be able to speak with a teacher to answer my questions?

Learnplistic Tutors was started and is operated by Masters level teacher.  The owner who is a teacher will be happy to answer all of your questions.  Our private tutoring packages come with e – mail consultations with your child’s teacher.

Does learnplistic tutors offer resources my child can use during and between tutoring sessions?

Learnplistic Tutors has done the work for you by researching the right workbooks (based upon skill need) for your child to be used during the tutoring sessions in our 9 and 12 months programs.

How will I know how much assistance my child needs?

Learnplistic, LLC administers a diagnostic assessment to determine academic areas of need as part of its tutoring packages.

Academic Solutions
For Busy Parents

We specialize in helping your child in K – 6th grade who you feel is behind in school.  Our proprietary learning system increases your child’s Reading and Math skills in 9 – 12 months so that your child is more successful in school, perseveres in challenging assignments, and so that as a parent you are less stressed.