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Discover Your Child's Reading Ability And Take It Further

Understanding your children’s reading ability is crucial to future growth as a scholar. With our Diagnostic Reading Assessment, you’ll gain insight into where they lie presently and how to improve their reading level afterward. We assess your child’s reading ability and provide a full detailed report that contains feedback, reading assessment, steps to improve, learning style report, mindset to learning, and so much more.

Our Diagnostic Reading Assessment provides incredible detailed information and suggestions for improvement tailored to each student’s ability. Not one student is the same and we understand that. Our Diagnostic Reading Assessment has not let any of our previous students down yet. This is why we’re fully confident that your young scholar will be well on their way to academic success in reading and beyond.

How the Diagnostic Reading Assessment Works

Step 1: Schedule your initial testing session.*
Step 2: Make your payment.
Step 3. Complete testing agreement.
Step 4: Have your child show up on time to initial and follow – up testing sessions.
Step 5: Get your personalized reports in 21 days.

*Students take the assessments via computer over 1 – 3 sessions. Each session is 60 minutes. The number of sessions varies based upon how quickly your child works and how many breaks they need. Testing is administered via a computer from the comfort of the student’s home

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the assessment take place?
Testing takes place in the comfort of your home via your computer.

Are the testing sessions recorded?
Yes, all testing sessions are recorded for quality and training purposes

What does my child need to take the test?
Your child will need a stable internet connection, a desktop computer or laptop, a web camera, pencil, and paper.

How long is the test?
The Diagnostic Reading Assessment is 2 – 3 sessions. Each session is approximately 60 minutes.

Is there a refund policy?
If you cancel the reading assessment appointment 24 hours or less before your appointment, you will be refunded 50% of the paid amount. There are no refunds after the initial testing session begins. You will receive the refund to the same form of payment used for payment.

When and how will I receive the test results?
Your testing results will be mailed to the address you provided approximately 15 business days after the last testing session.