The Empowered Parent for Reading Course

Taking your child's reading time from torture to reading time peace

Your 4-week step-by-step plan to create your child’s reading blueprint so that they are a confident reader and you spend less time worrying about their reading and future.

Learning the S.W.E.E.T.S. Zone of you and your child is where the magic begins....

And once you find and fix the missing keys your child has,

then the light bulb turns on and you will start to see them read more!


I’m the QUEEN of things not coming easy to me. I’m the girl who has to read things 20 times for me to get it.

So I know the heart and soul of your child.


Growing up learning to read was not the easiest for me. I felt embarrassment and shame because it took me longer to catch on to the basics of reading.

With good teachers, out of the box reading strategies, and my loving parents I overcame my reading struggles. Now as an adult I have my Master’s degree and find joy in helping kids overcome their reading struggles.

And now I’m sharing the roadmap I use to take kids from struggling reader to confident reader , without you having to scream at your child!


The Empowered Parent Reading Course

Your 4 week step by step course to create your child’s reading blueprint so that your child is more confident and you are less worried about your child’s reading.

Starting Tuesday, May 3rd

Pretty soon your child’s school papers and report cards is going to start looking like these


But don't just take my word for it...

Check out what other parents are saying about working with me!

What we will cover:

How to be stern but patient!

How to Build Your Child’s Reading Confidence!

How to Make Sure Your Child is Making the Progress You Expect

What Reading Milestones Should You Be On the Lookout!

Taking Your Child's Reading Time from Torture to Peaceful

Starting Tuesday, May 3rd

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The Course You Take Before You Purchase Another Book, Reading Curriculum, or Game for your child!

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