Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Ms. Robinson has a Masters in Education from Georgia State University.  She has over 10 years experience in Education.  

Learnplistic Tutors has designed a tutoring program that will enrich students learning through out the school year.

Once Ms. Robinson and you agree to work together to help your child go to the next level we set up a schedule for tutoring services.  Ms. Robinson provides in – home tutoring services for private tutoring clients.  Ms. Robinson also will travel to your child’s activity to provide assistance directly before or after the sport to alleviate the hassle of most parents of trying to be in two places at one time.  Please inquire for more details.  

Yes, we provide an academic evaluation in Reading and Math.  We also administer a learning personality test.  Our evaluations and learning personality assessment gives you valuable insights into what your child needs help with and what motivates your child to learn.

  • workbooks
  • computer programs that are used during and between tutoring sessions
  • Parent Resources 
  • Initial and quarterly Academic evaluations
  • customized book list based on your child’s ability
  • Self – Motivation coaching
  • E-Mail consultations with your child’s teacher

Private Tutoring offers your child homework assistance and helps in their academic weakness in a one to one setting and a customized learning plan.  Learnplistic believes in getting to the root of the academic problem.  During private tutoring, we meet at your home or the local public library for your convenience.  So with that said,  programs are designed for 9 – 12 months so that students experience real change not just a band-aid on the problem. 

Group Tutoring is a highly effective way for students to build organizational, academic, and study skills.  There are no more than 5 students in a group.  Students encourage and support one another in building necessary skills.  Learnplistic believes in strong relationships with its students make a difference in their academic success.  So with that said group tutoring programs are 2 months to a full year.  Many parents find group tutoring to be a cost-effective option.